Source of inspiration

The Waldorf Rockerboard is an old powerful shape which hails from Waldorf education.
There the board has been used for more than 20 years.
Thanks to this experience we know the many possibilities the board offers and have also noticed the positive effects its use has on a child’s development.

Our name

We rock, balance, move, stumble … And We Rock, we hope that many people will be moved by our version of the rocker board. And that we all move together: rock, ….. The letter ‘W’ in our name refers to its origin named Waldorf.

Our shape

We opted for a quadrant, fourth quarter circles become one circle and thus an infinite form. Since we’ve been working on this project, we find it intriguing how often you encounter that infinite form in nature: the sun, the moon, a section of a tree and how the first people gradually introduced it in every day life.


Rockerboards help children develop.
They do not only help children develop their sense of balance but it also stimulates the organs of balance.
A rockerboard also makes a child more aware of its body and limbs. This is called proprioception.
Adults can use the board too.


The question adults often ask with toys is: what can you do with it?
Children often still have a very open way of seeing things and the world. The power of their imagination knows no bounds.
The value of a toy is not determined by what the toy can do, but by what a child can do with it.
A rockerboard can become whatever you want it to be and can be integrated into children’s games effortlessly!
This open-ended toy time and again provides children with new opportunities and possibilities to play, often combined with other toys. This continuously stimulates their creativity.

Action and Peace

What is magic about the rockerboard is that you can be very active with it, but that it can also be a cosy place where the child relaxes, a place of their own…