We Rock!

We  are rocking, rocking, rock, balancing, cause rocking ….
Our board  refers to the origin of the wooden rocker board which is best known for its use in the kindergarten classes in Waldorf schools.

A strong, powerful, timeless form you can swing on, wiggle, sit, lie, stimulate the senses and balance …
A perfect circle: four quarter circles make one without beginning and end, endless … endless possibilities.


Rocking tickles,
Swinging is exciting
and relaxing
tension and relaxation
activity and rest
all or nothing
couch or bed
bridge or tunnel
a shop, a puppet theatre
Back and forth
but there is still much more
joyously with my cars underneath
and about
a cradle for my doll
a place to lie down swinging
to doze off after so many games
endless childplay
Can I crawl under it and all the way through?
Oh how different the world looks flat on my stomach.
a great hiding place, underneath or behind …
a wall
a counter
a stage …