Dear dealer,

We are closed between July 15th and July 31st. Orders submitted before July 3th will be shipped before our holidays.

To order our rockerboards, fill in the order form and send it by mail to
First download the order form and make your modifications.

The order form makes use of colours to denote stock status, to make sure you do not order items that are out of stock.
You can also consult our stock status here. The sheet is updated weekly.

Delivery lead time:

  • Orders submitted before Tuesday 5PM will be shipped Thursday the week after
    • Classic Stepped boards are low on stock, any orders containing these types of boards can be delayed
    • We expect full availability of those boards again mid April 2019

Upon ordering pay attention to the following:

  • the type (shape) of board: classic, twister or moon
  • the edge and associated finishing coat
    • stepped edge finished with varnish (Lacquered Stepped)
    • organic ‘sloping’ edge finished with oil (Oiled Organic)
  • with or without felt
    • with felt: please mention the number of the felt color for every type and edge

Thank you for your trust in our company.

Full name of the 6 models:

  1. We Rock! Classic Lacquered Stepped
  2. We Rock! Classic Oiled Organic
  3. We Rock! Moon Lacquered Stepped
  4. We Rock! Moon Oiled Organic
  5. We Rock! Twister Lacquered Stepped
  6. We Rock! Twister Oiled Organic